Warrior Writers Governing Body

We are inviting all Warrior Writers participants (veterans and non-veterans) to apply to be on Warrior Writers’ newly forming Governing Body (GB). We are looking for dedicated, reliable artists who bring a commitment to a diverse and healthy community. GB members must be committed to open and honest communication and have a willingness to address conflicts with compassion and objectivity. Primary roles of the GB are to provide vision, plans and oversight for the organization.

The deadline to apply is October 17 by midnight EST, decisions will be announced by October 15. Our first meeting will be Nov. 2-4. The volunteer GB selection team is: Carlos Sirah, Valerie Stemac and Camille Turner.

To apply, please send an email to [email protected] with responses to the following questions. Just one paragraph each or less. If you want to nominate someone, just send us their name and email/Facebook name if you have it.

  • 1. Name and current location/city & state of residence
  • 2. Please describe your experiences participating in WW. Include what events you’ve attended and how they impacted you and why you participate.
  • 3. Please list and describe any leadership positions you have held in WW and/or other organizations. For example, what roles you’ve played in WW such as facilitator, event organizer, panelist, table representative, etc.
  • 4. Please tell us why you want to be involved in leadership in WW.
  • 5. Please tell us what skills, perspectives, trainings, etc. you bring to the table. (Why are you a better candidate than the million others who want a seat at the table?)
  • 6. What do you envision for WW in 5 years? And 10 years?

Governing Body Charter for Warrior Writers

1. Purpose

The purpose of the Warrior Writers Governing Body is to provide ongoing support and direction for the organization.
The role of the Body is to:

  • a. Review and evaluate, on an ongoing basis, the overall effectiveness of the Director and provide feedback to the same.
  • b. Screen and interview potential candidates for the position of Director who are judged to fill those needs and meet the criteria for hiring.
  • c. Review and make recommendations on issues of conflict, discrimination, or ethics.
  • d. Develop and recommend policies on issues related to growth, direction, and planning.
  • e. Draft and ratify a comprehensive nondiscrimination policy for the organization.
  • f. Develop and ratify mission, vision, and organizational goals.
  • g. Make recommendations and decisions on hiring additional staff.
  • h. Other duties as needed.

2. Membership

  • a. The Body shall have up to 7 but no fewer than 4 members. The Body will be comprised of at least 75% military veterans.
    • i. Civilians nominated to the body must have demonstrated a substantial commitment to the organization and its mission.
    • ii. Governing body composition shall be reflective of the diversity of the organization.
  • b. Nomination to the Body shall be made in writing to the Committee Chair and voted upon at the following Body meeting.
    • i. The initial members shall vote on the GB Chair.
  • c. GB Members shall serve for a term of one year and be eligible for up to 3 terms of service.
  • d. Resignation from the GB must be submitted in writing to the GB Chair.
  • e. Removal from the GB must be for cause, submitted in writing to the GB Chair, and approved by a majority vote.
    • i. Consecutive absences from two meetings constitutes “for cause” and shall be necessarily brought before the GB for a vote.
  • f. There shall be two officers appointed by the GB.
    • i. Chairperson - The Chair shall convene all scheduled meetings of the GB and shall preside over or arrange for another member to preside over each meeting.
    • ii. Secretary - The Secretary shall be responsible for the keeping of GB records, to include minutes of meetings, distribution of minutes and the agenda, and sending meeting announcements.

    3. Meetings

    • a. The Committee shall meet at least four times each year, with additional meetings held as needed to fulfill its responsibilities as described above. Meetings are convened by the GB Chair.
    • b. Members may participate fully, to include voting, by means of any telephonic or similar communications equipment that allows all persons participating in such meeting to hear each other at the same time. Electronic attendance shall be considered in-person attendance at the meeting.
    • c. Minutes are to be kept of each meeting and maintained as record in an accessible location to be determined by the GB. Minutes from the previous meeting must be approved by the Committee at the start of the next meeting. Minutes are to be available upon request to any Warrior Writers participant or member.

    4. Non-Discrimination

    • a. Veterans appointed to the GB are not to be limited on the basis of time in service, characterization of discharge, deployment history, branch of service, or any other service related category.
    • b. Members appointed to the GB are not to be limited on the basis of age, sex, race, color, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, political, or religious affiliation.